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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> starting now continuing coverage of the massive manhunt for the only surviving suspect in the boston bombings, good afternoon, i am mike in for tori campbell, the manhunt
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continues this hour as police search for 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, he is the youngest, they are brothers, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was shot and killed by police overnight. the majority of this manhunt is focused in watertown. we have team coverage for you, patti lee is in watertown, and we begin with jennifer davis, liver in boston where a shelt shelter in place was lifted 90 minutes ago. >> reporter: we are seeing more activity but this city still very much on edge. officials say they need a little bit more time as they continue to hunt for this suspect who they have not yet apprehended. police telling everyone to lock their doors and stay inside as a manhunt is underway for the suspect in the marathon bombing. >> asking people to shelter in place, in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for
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anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer. >> the fbi releasing pictures of the suspects identified as brothers dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev. they were spotted near a robbery where a police officer was shot to death and they carjacked a car and kept the driver briefly before letting him go, he died in a gun battle overnight and also a police officer injured. they are asking people to be patient. >> there is a lot of information. please be patient and work with you, if you see anything suspicious let us know, we are treeing to make this safe as quickly as possible but this is an ongoing situation. >> reporter: now there is an alert out right now for a green honda in the connecticut area that officials are on the alert for. meanwhile in the cambridge area
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investigators have blown off the doors of the suspects' believed house and cars and are searching both of them for evidence. back to you. >> thanks for that update. from boston we head west to watertown where police continue to go door to door looking for suspect number 2, patti lee is live there and joins us with what is happening. >> reporter: this is the heart of the manhunt as you can see it has shut down the city. you can see state and military police here, swat teams, and no one on the roads. now there is a shelter in place order that is keeping a million people at home and it is not a suggestion it is an order.
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>> go, go. >> run. >> go. move. >> move it. move it. >> i understand. >> remember there is concern that the suspects may have explosives strapped to his body so keeping the area clear is paramount, that is why you can see sharpshooters on roofs in residential neighborhoods and car a vance moving into different neighborhoods and areas of neighborhoods as the noose tightens around the remaining suspect. >> you have done great. we have done everything we have asked. but we need some more time. you got to stay in your homes, stay in place, we -- as the colonel we still have work to do, even after we clear the area there is a major crime scene down there that will take some time. >> there are blackhawk helicopters flying overhead and law enforcement from every conseverable agency coming through. you can see officers checking the license of the man driving this car. residents who live in the neighborhood have to explain why they are not home and are
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being asked to return to their homes. now there have been wild moments here and while respects are locked down the media is also locked down, we are asked to stay in this area, getting around is difficult. it has been a rough day and we will continue to stay here and monitor the developments here. reporting live, pat elee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now doubt a wild day there. thank you. the uncle of the bombing suspect is telling the nephew still on the run to turn himself in. he believes they committed a terrible crime and it is a shame and a disgrace. >> i say if you are alive turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims from the injured and from those who left, ask forgiveness from
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these people. why not require forgiveness in this family, he put a shame -- he put a shame on the family and he put a shame on the entire chechen ethnicity. >> it has been years since he saw them. the situation is fluid. we have been bringing you developments since 4:30 this morning. brian flores joins us with more. >> reporter: no question a lot has happened in a short period of time. i talked with a expert he tells me the swift work of identifying the type of bombs and identifying the suspects has been textbook, obviously we are not out of the woods yet but here what is we know now and in terms of investigations it has been fast [ explosions [ >> from the time two bombs went off at the finish line of the boston marathon on monday to the gunfire and tracking
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dangerous suspects today, boston has been rocked but not shake in. >> we are one city, we are a city or a community, we are a city that is not going to let the terrorists win over, we are here to work hard, we will get through this and be a stronger city as we move forward. >> 48 hours after the blast the fbi released photos and video of the two suspects. hours later police got reports of gunfire on the campus of mit, believed to have come from both of the men. an mit police officer was found shot to death in his cruiser. an hour after that they carjacked a driver and held him hostage for half an hour before letting him go unharmed. the manhunt intensified in the search for the car, when they came close the suspects through explosives from the car, one of them is shot and dies later at a hospital. the other one identified in the white hat flees. >> we are asking everybody to shelter in place. no vehicle traffic is allowed to travel in our out of watertown until further notice.
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>> along with telling boston to remain at home authorities released the name of the suspects. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and his younger brother 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev, dzhokhar is still on the run, his uncle pleads for him to turn himself in. now again authorities are looking for a green honda sedan with a massachusetts license plate 116-g-c-7. it is unclear whether they have ties to terrorist groups, we will stay on top of this, for now live in the newsroom, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. more on where it occurred, this map thousands shows where the bombings occurred and where they robbed the store and the city is also the sight of the carjack in and officer shooting, west of there you can see watertown where the shooting occurred overnight
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where the older brother, 26- year-old tamm tamerlan tsarnaev suffered a fatal injury, he later died at the hospital. we are getting an idea of what they were like. if anyone saw signs they were capable of such serious crimes. friends and acquaintances describe dzhokhar tsarnaev as passive and polite and are surprised to find he is the man they call suspect 2. >> he was passive and he made jokes and we cracked jokes and he would not make a joke about people because it didn't seem like he had a malicious bone in his body. >> again they are still not saying anything about a motive or any connections. the boy injured in the bombings could leave the intensesive care unit today according to a facebook post by his mother. yesterday the first lady visited him. his mother said the surgery to
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close a wound on his leg is suferl and he is doing much better. stay with us for the latest on the search. we will continue to update you throughout the day and tune in at 5:00 and 6:00, we will be live in boston, have experts to talk about everything that has been going on on this friday plus how boston is affecting activities here in the bay area. then at 6:30 a special edition of ktvu news, the boston bombings, plus you can always get updated at and mobile ktvu. >> we are in hayward, where a man is dead and a woman is hospitalized after a sheriff's deputy crashes into them. we will tell you the latest on the investigation and will have reaction. >> meteorologist mark tamayo working the numbers right now. he will give thaws bay give us that bay area forecast and tell you about a change you may like. >> hundreds of run, hit the dressed, we will tell you why they were dressed in yellow and
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blue when we come back.
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searchers have recovered the bodies of 12 people in the aftermath of a explosion at a fertilizer plant in west, texas, more than 200 others were injured, he says 60 others
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are still yawn counted unaccounted for and they are checking the hospitals for them. some of them were first responders. a deputy hit tw pedestrians with his patrol car, killing one of them, it happened in an uncooperated area near hayward, janine de la vega has the latest from investigators. >> reporter: mission boulevard was closed in both directions all morning so the chp could investigate what took place here at 4:30. they say the sheriff's deputy in this car hit a latino man and woman crossing the street. the car swerved and crashed into a parked vehicle before stopping witnesses describe the victim's condition. >> he was face down and bleeding from the face, there was fire engines and emt nearby around him. >> the man in his 30s, died at the scene, the woman was taken to the hospital and is suffering from a broken jaw and trauma to her head. authorities tried to interview her but -- >> the female adult, she is under the influence of alcohol,
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additionally there was narcotics found in her person. >> investigators gathered evidence along the street to try to piece together what happened. they say the deputy was not involved in a pursuit and not responding to an emergency call at the time of the accident. >> where the pedestrians in the crosswalk, out of the crosswalk, what speed were they at, were they running, walking, by interviews we will find out what they saw. >> the deputy involved is obviously devastated. it is just a tough and terrible thing to have happen. >> authorities are trying to determine how fast the deputy was traveling and who was at fault. we are told he is a nine year veteran of the department and is receiving grieve counseling and put on paid leave. reporting from hayward, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a man is receiving care after being hit by a freight train in oakland, part of a train running through jack london square clipped a man passed out near the tracks
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around 1:00 a.m. firefighters helped rescue him. he has head injuries and was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police are investigating a body found in east oakland, police tell us the body was found last night on 81 avenue and they would not say if it was a homicide investigation. a fire started there, as a precaution crews cut off gas and electricity due to power lines, investigation into the cause is just beginning. oakland police are expanding their shots fired system in north oakland. [ gunshots ] >> oakland police captain helped to kale calibrate it by firing shots into a bullet trap. the system detects when gun shots are fired and alerts officers. >> now with this technology we
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can tell exactly where a person got shot within 5 meters of the gunshots going off. >> it sends them the location and the number of shots fired within 45 seconds and says the expansion to north oakland should be up and running within the next few days. with that manhunt there underway hundreds there are coming together to honor the victims, as tara moriarty reports it was quite the scene along san francisco's waterfront. >> they are so happy to be home. >> they laced up their shoes, stretched and smileed for pictures. >> really good to see you. >> 200 banded together to hopper them. >> you will see people giving hugs and high-fiving each other and people have not seen each other in years but we are a close-knit group, yeah. >> all thinking of one thing this morning. >> boston, we are running for
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boston. >> a sea of yellow and blue, their colors they ran there and back. >> to help them get over the initial shock if you will, kind of that moment where you are unsure of what to do and people can kind of either panic and run around or come together and organize and recognize each other and support each other. >> the bunch rallied via facebook and has that hash tag. it has swept the nation for those wanting to show support. >> san francisco has a great tradition of being in tune with america and this just another example we are connecting on a much broader basis. >> high-fives followed the 4 mile run and they say it was not about raising money but showing their heart is in the right place for runners, familiars, rescuers and bostonnancy. >> we understand how you feel, we are feeling that way too and a community a source of
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reshurps that things will be all right. >> events like this one have been held across the country in the past 4 days and runners here they will continue to do more. >> a father in rivere, massachusetts is afraid for his son's life after his 17-year- old son and a friend were mis- identified as the boston march a thop a marathon bombing suspects, it appeared there. they learned about it and headed there to clear their names but still they worry it will impact the rest of their lives. >> people lost families, lotionth -- lost -- lost part of their bodies, all the blame -- all the blame is going to be on me but i can tell you it wasn't me. >> he now says he wants an apology from the post. the post has updated its story, reporting the two men have been cleared by investigators. a couple of hours ago members of the obamaness
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administration toured a warehouse training facility in richmond. it highlighted the relationship between community colleges and employers when it comes to building a strong work force. during the visit the labor department announced more than 474 million dollars in grant money is available to workers for in demand high growth occupations. >> we will bring more jobs to the united states. we will help more entrepreneurs to build homegrown businesss that create even more jobs right here in the east bay and across the united states. >> the warehouse facility is operated by contra costa college, the richmond work force investment board and san pablo economic development corporation. >> a few minor changes to our forecast for today but still have plenty of sunshine, lots of clear skies, a few high clouds paying us a visit right now. here is our camera looking toward the bay bridge. see some of those high clouds in the distance over mt. diablo but still lots of sunshine today and into the weekend. on live storm tracker 2 see the
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clear skies overhead. we will come in tighter. the key change i am talking about, the winds more of a breeze developing throughout the day today, just a change in the wind direction with winds out of the west so winds from around 5 to 10 miles an hour, more of an onshore breeze developing that will cool off the coast a few degrees from yesterday's mild readings. current numbers updated for 12:00 hour half moon bay 58, oakland 66, san jose 70s and upper 70s inland, warmest location today approaching right around the 80 degree mark. for today fair skies, mild to warm. this weekend more sunshine and temperatures will continue to warm up. by monday and tuesday warmest locations inland could be flirting with the 90 degree mark but definitely some upper 80s in the forecast for monday and tuesday. there is a weather system up here to our north tracking east of the bay area but close enough to increase that onshore breeze a little bit so slightly cooler for the coast but still 70s around the bay, warmest
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locations inland right around 80 to 82 degrees. this system moves out over the weekend. high pressure returns and the key here is more of a northerly breeze. to clear out the fog we have lost fog tomorrow morning but temperatures warming back up and the warmest day of the weekend will be on sunday. here is our forecast model this afternoon into the evening hours lots of clear skies. see tomorrow morning some patchy fog returning coastline. then once again we clear out rapidly. that will set the stage for a warming trend for saturday, sunday, but especially monday and tuesday. forecast highs this afternoon san francisco upper 60s, hayward 72, san jose 79, half moon bay 65 degrees. giants back home this evening playing the padres and fair skies mostly clear skies and temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. here is a look ahead, your five- day-forecast with your weekend always in view and there you can see evidence of the numbers going up. the beaches this weekend upper 60s to around 70 degrees. the warmest temperatures as you would expect inland mid to upper 80s. mike, by monday and tuesday
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getting close to 90 degrees. i would not be surprised to see a few backyard thermometers hit that and no timeframe, the the remainder of april could be dry. >> all right. thanks. stay with us when we come back a check on stocks as well.
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all right, taking a look right for you at stock activity on this friday. dow jones down a little bit over 15 points, the nasdaq up a
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little bit over 35 on this mixed trading day on this friday. some bay area garbage workers not reporting to work today to show their support for striking workers in the midwest it involves workers with rep services and allied waste, a division of the company, so far it has disrupted service in san jose, fremont and union city and began yesterday and continues today. people in those cities who have saturday service may be effected. tomorrow's 420 marijuana party in san francisco will be a very expensive one. thousands of people are expected to gather and smoke marijuana at hippy hill in golden gate make, since the event has no organizers taxpayers will pick up the bill. they estimate they will spend nearly 10,000 dollars to clean up and repair damage. a new investigation by the state auditors office shows the dmv is mishandling the funding of the personalized license plates program. the extra money charged for
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personalized license plates in california is supposed to be used to support special causes, such as the environment or arts but the state auditor says dmv has collected millions less than it should be from the program. our coverage of the manhunt for suspect number 2 in the boston bombings continues right after the break. don't forget you can always follow our coverage at and mobile ktvu with you, stay with us, much more ahead here on ktvu channel 2. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. card hassles?
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